Every day we are exposed to chemicals in air, water, food and our environment, from carpet and upholstery to household cleaners and personal products. Most of the time, we can’t see or smell or taste them, but environmental toxins are very real and they can cause problems even in small doses well below acceptable levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The United States makes 27 trillion pounds of chemicals each year, which amounts to almost 74 billion pounds per day. There are almost 80,000 different chemicals on the market in the US but, a only a few hundred of them have ever been tested for safety. According to the EPA, a full set of basic safety information is available for only 7% of the high volume chemicals and only 5 have ever been restricted.

These chemicals aren't just in our environment. They're already inside our bodies. Environment toxins begin to accumulate before we’re even born and the older we get, the more toxins we contain. So far, scientists have detected 232 different chemicals in the cord blood of newborn infants -- including mercury, multiple pesticides, more than a dozen different flame retardants, and air pollutants from fossil fuels, plastic production, and coal-fired power plants -- and 493 different chemicals in people of all ages.

The National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, routinely measures chemicals in people as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Their most recent report found environmental toxins in every single sample, including chemicals linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hormone-related disorders like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and infertility.

For most people, small doses of environmental toxins cause cumulative damage rather than immediate symptoms. Continued exposure and/or decreased liver function can compromise natural detoxification systems, causing the body to store toxins rather than release them.

The accumulation of toxins in the body may not have any symptoms at all or may give rise to general malaise or chronic health problems like fatigue, weight gain, high blood sugar, hormone imbalances, headaches, allergies, decreased mental acuity, skin and digestive conditions, food and chemical sensitivities, joint and muscle pain. Clearing toxins from the body can relieve symptoms and renew wellness and vitality.

Detoxification involves several hormones, enzymes, and organs, including the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, skin, lungs, adipose tissue, and lymphatic system. A comprehensive detox program requires reducing exposure to environmental toxins, mobilizing toxins that have been stored in the body, optimizing the liver’s ability to change toxins into forms that the body can easily excrete, and enhancing the elimination of mobilized toxins through the body’s four pathways of elimination.

To achieve this, Dr. Sarah’s detox program incorporates dietary guidelines, supplements, exercise, stress management, and sauna therapy or hot baths. It's tailored to meet each patient's individual needs depending on her/his health history, toxic exposure, and personal goals.  She may recommend it as part of a wellness protocol or as a tune-up for overall health.

Dr. Sarah's detox program is included in the cost of an appointment (supplements not included). To schedule an appointment, call 646-234-2918 or fill out the Contact Form.  You can read more about Dr. Sarah's detox program in her book, The Prediabetes Detox: A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood Sugar, Increase Energy, and Reduce Sugar Cravings


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