Dr. Sarah

Naturopathic Doctor

Minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals by replacing store-bought cleaners with natural products this this DIY all-purpose cleaner.

Learn how to clean your entire home easily and effectively with just a handful of simple ingredients and a few basic materials.

Dr. Sarah's Cleaner Cleaner​​

Use good quality essential oils for this recipe, not synthetic or perfume oils. Spray it on counters, sinks, stove tops, appliances, and tiles. Do not use it on wooden, delicate, or natural stone surfaces. It smells like vinegar when it’s wet, but the odor evaporates as soon as it dries.​​ 

1 cup white vinegar

5 drops  tea tree essential oil

5 drops pure lavender or orange essential oil

½ cup water (optional)​

Clean glass spray bottle and label

Add the vinegar and essential oils to a clean glass spray bottle. Close it tightly and shake it up to mix everything together.​ Label the bottle with the ingredients.

Before using, shake the bottle gently to re-distribute the essential oils. Spray the solution on dirty surfaces and wipe it off with a clean wet sponge. For tougher cleaning jobs, leave the solution sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.​

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Find out what's in the cleaners you use with this guide from the Environmental Working Group. They've given safety ratings to more than 2,000 household products including kitchen and bathroom cleansers, laundry detergent and fabric softener, stain removers, air fresheners, floor cleaners, and furniture polish.